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Is Center City Safe?

Safety is subjective. Our feelings of safety inform all of the decisions we make. If you watch the local news in the morning, you might begin to get the feeling that Center City has become one great big crime scene. While this has not been my experience, perhaps it all depends upon which corner you are standing, and at which particular time of day.

While I don't feel unsafe in Center City, I have become more aware about where I walk, prefering to travel busier streets or taking an Uber. I often take the trains in and out of Jefferson Station/Reading Terminal and feel very safe. I share this because it has become a conversation with customers, friends and people who live/work in the neighborhood. 

I hope you will consider coming back into town and bringing your family for the light show at Macy's and for Christmas Village at City Hall, and of course, everyone at D+L looks forward to your next visit for the last holiday at the 13th Street location. We've rearranged things to the point where you can browse and touch and smell everything easily. I must acknowledge however that the number of people you will see living on the streets, living in crisis and/or suffering severe mental illness has grown exponentially. Casualties of city, state and federal governments that claim no responsibility for the most vulnerable of our citizens. While a level of unquestioned acceptance seems to have settled upon Center City, we still encourage everyone to support local agencies that feed, house and care for the homeless.

As almost everyone knows, we move in January to 11th Street in the Washington Square West neighborhood. As shopkeepers, duross & langel is a happy, busy, low stress way of life. We are excited about the change of scene (and about street parking for our suburban shoppers) while also honoring the opportunity we've had to build our business on 13th street for the past 15 years. Immediately after the holidays we'll be getting rid of everything we don't want to move. Which is considerable. Bookcases, tables, benches, decorations, lighting, etc. (that includes many D+L items that were over-runs, one-offs and discontinued items). It's all gotta go. So please mark your calendars to stop by after Christmas, before the New Year as we begin to pack up to move out. And if you find yourself on 11th street between Locust and Spruce, we hope you'll check out our new spaces - workshop (244 S 11th)  and store (240 S 11th) and glimpse what the next seven good years at duross & langel will be. Cheers.