in the workshop

the journey's the thing

our first year as a salon is more than half gone. soon the holidays will be upon us. everything changes. life's a journey.

the addition of christina kelly to the team has been a wonderful fit. her charm and enthusiasm is a daily delight. as we gather steam and find ourselves busy, a rhythm develops. it moves us on. i can't help but be proud of the people who populate the space. the entire house seems to be expanding to encompass the addition of so many. i adjust to my new tasks. each day seems to bring something new. i'm no longer taking clients. the ladies have mastered the art of men's haircutting. we move on.

it's funny how normal normal feels. when things are running smooth and fine. like floating in a boat near the shore. lazy and warm, you don't have to do anything but rock. 

and here we are just getting started