in the workshop

tell me who your friends are


and i'll tell you who you are.   pretty simple really. the idea that the people around us are a litmus test for how we show up in the world. choosing staff is quite similar. upon interviewing, it either clicks or it does not. if an agreement is struck, a bargain made, then we commence a working relationship. a bit of time passes, we learn about one another, and then we either prove, or not, that we are the people we claim to be.   on that score, i am either lucky or wise. i like to think both.

although the salon is still in it's infancy, i am pleased by the people who share my day. though it is just us four, i cannot help but approach this venture with the idea that this is a special group. a team. the kind of team who lifts one another and creates work of which we can all be proud.   everything throughout the building is beginning to hum nicely. the store is busy, the yoga studio gathering steam while the production team produces. the salon is taking a wee bit longer. building from scratch creates challenge so we try to be patient as well as ambitious. the difference between make or break is going to be our attitude. so for the moment i will not be listening to reason, responding to common sense, or climbing down from my lofty peak. whatever we have planned to do, i am going to cling to it through thick or thin, and i won't let a trivial thing like a seemingly inarguable momentary evidence of reality stop me from battling valiantly onwards. being forewarned hasn't made a blind bit of difference either. it is a grand adventure and we know that nothing is going to stop us. once we have defied gravity, re-written history and surprised all the experts, we can discuss what comes next.   for now, i know who i am. defined best by the people i choose to share my daily life.