in the workshop

reformulating and refining

"if it's not broken, don't fix it". sounds good right? yeah, but sometimes you have to look past the obvious. we look to update or repair before a product becomes outdated, and this is where our clean skin care mission begins.

anything worth having, like natural formulation technology, must improve over time, and we continue to look for ingredient options not previously available. our plan is always to keep what is best about any formula while making it better. so what does "clean skincare" mean? well, besides creating a natural alternative to mass produced bath, spa and skincare products, our formulas are focused on hydration, nutrition and efficacy. clean skin care design refers to minimal ingredients that are simple and transparent to understand while working to keep the skin and its micro biome strong and healthy. so at about the time we began planning our move to 11th street, we began testing new ideas with our formulas.

first up was the olive oil moisturizer. immensely popular for more than twenty years, this wonderful moisturizer was ready for an upgrade; meaning a superior product that works in a more natural, holistic way. P.S. in the process we exceeded the questionably low standards of the FDA

most likely you've been using the new formulas if you've purchased in the last nine months. moisturizers, shower gels, shampoos, etc. we've diminished the sudsing levels of of the wash/shampoo products but ultimately that makes it a better all around formula. it might take some getting used to but it is healthier for your skin and for our planet.