about us

Hi. My name is Steve and I am the founder of duross & langel. The idea for D+L was born in the mid nineties with my love of all things bath and skin care. In 1999, I opened the Philadelphia Soap Company with two friends. Sadly it closed a few years on. Regrouping in 2004 and building upon lessons learned, I opened duross & langel. Today, I have Sarah and Allison as my partners. Together we are responsible for formulating, producing and selling every duross & langel experience. We love what we do and one another so it makes for a joyful work life (most days).

At duross & langel we make clean skincare. An alternative to mass produced bath and spa product brands at a price that won't break your budget. The three basic tenets of our product formulation are hydration, nutrition and anti-inflammation. Our formulas are designed to keep the skin and its microbiome strong and healthy. Utilizing sulfate-free technology and pH balanced ingredient formulation, we design our products to keep your cells hydrated and in optimal health. This maintains skin's acid mantle, firms and tightens tissue, and keeps unnecessary chemicals from being absorbed. PETA certified as vegetarian cruelty-free, our in-house work space next to the store is where you'll find us creating and improving our line.

We also blend an array of natural perfumes the way old school perfumers have been creating scent since the fourteenth century. The blended oils that make up the notes of each perfume will change throughout the day so that the final result is a personalized scent that melds with your body's natural chemistry.

If you've never experienced our clean burning candles, we invite you to see why so many people come back to refill their candles. Made with US farmed soy and scented with the finest prop-65 compliant fragrance blends, we fill your room with complex aromas that are never cloying or overpowering. Our candles are aged and cured for the best results.

We continue to grow our solid options and compostable packaging offerings. We have refillable 64 ounce jugs that you can bring back to be repurposed in order to diminish your single use plastic consumption. Everything in store is recyclable, and our bags and boxes are made from post-consumer recycled paper.

We hope you will come by for one of our in-store events and check out our daily and seasonal specials.