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From their storefront at 117 S. 13th St. in the heart of Midtown Village, Duross & Langel soap makers are on the verge of expansion. What started as a salon at 1218 Locust Street eight years ago, has expanded into a lifestyle rooted in quality handmade products. Steve Duross, Duross & Langel's eponymous chief "cook," aka the creator and founder, had to create what he couldn't find out there for himself.   A trained barber, hairstylist and aesthetician, Steve is beyond passionate about utilizing the latest technologies with the simplest recipes to create inspired all natural bath products. Steve isn’t the only one in on the action; co-founder James Langel is a deodorant and lip balm extraordinaire and will be returning to Philadelphia from Austria (where he's been working for Ikea as of late). Sarah Evancho brings the sustainability and nutrition focus into everything Duross & Langel does, from product to packaging and beyond. You'll find Rob Evangelista, Steve's nephew, upstairs bringing order to the chaos o the kitchen. Follow all of the personalities and products via their artistic instagram @durossandlangel   Part CEO, part visionary, Steve strives to sees what he thinks could be great but needs to be in the hands most capable of realizing the vision. put in the right hands to bring it to life.

"I got into this because I wanted to putter around in the kitchen, but I find I spend less and less time doing that. I don't want to retire—at 86 I want to drop dead in my workshop…I want to continue to travel and live my life, but I want to stay relevant. I want to get up every day and I want to do something. I still have perfume making (to do) which I want to be the first line in my obituary."

  All of Duross & Langel products are handmade, cruelty free, and all natural. The base of their delightful and aromatic soaps are made with olive, coconut and safflower all blended with shea butter. All of the packaging is designed in-house and the shop is set up with walls like a library. Peruse through the 'stacks' to find what's right for you or your loved ones. A recent addition, the bath soaks (below) take bathing to a whole new level of indulgence.   The shop strives to be keystone of the community, a place that women will bring their boyfriends (those guys will even later come back on their own!), a spot loyal customers bring their visiting family members. Guests can start with one product and work their way through all of the various offerings to suit their individual needs.   Duross & Langel are experts at creating thoughtful and themed gift sets filled with aroma-therapeutic bath and shower skin care. Their witty themes range from “the hangover” to “women on a verge bath box” to meet everyone’s needs. Simply mention it's a gift to receive beautiful gift-wrapping made with 100% recycled paper and post-consumer content. Bottles and jars are 100% recyclable. Their products also contribute to 1% for the planet, an organization that gives back to the planet to the business's chosen cause. Duross & Langel chose the Delaware Riverkeeper, an organization that helps to ensure that the river and it's tributaries are free-flowing, clean and healthy.