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F*cking Covid

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For the last few months we've made every effort to populate our site with great 24 hour deals beginning every Sunday night at 8PM. The response has been incredible, often selling out within a few hours. This is gratifying on several levels, not the least of which is our ability to connect with our customers virtually. Monday Deals specially created to target every taste at every price point.

Unlike most retailers who mark up the price of products and then slash when they have stock they can't move, our natural hand made products are always in small batch production. There are no leftovers. No marked up items to fool you into thinking is a markdown sale. In year's past we would offer a one day 20% OFF Sale before the holidays as a thank you. At this time, 2020 - The Pandemic Edition doesn't allow us that luxury.  To maintain our business we now ship most of our sales. The $7. flat fee is less than 40% of our shipping cost per box. Free shipping on order over $50 is roughly 20% off the entire sale. We don't mind any of it though. We do our part to keep our business and the economy going. We will though have to skip offering store wide sales for the immediate future.

This pandemic continues to blow. Hard. The hospitals are filling up again and while we all have varying views on what constitutes being safe, we are, each of us, trying to find an equilibrium. Calmly carrying on to make the best of what life is currently handing us. While some are opting for travel, most of us are staying put. But that means layoffs at the airlines, aircraft and parts manufacturers, hotels, restaurants, retailers, etc. The dominos are only beginning to fall because the stimulus money being used by Main Street American is drying up. This is not a political statement. It is a stark reality. Let's face it, American retail has been slowly dying for a very long time now. The internet is the mall of the future. The pandemic only serves to shine a light on this fact, and to hasten the inevitable changes. Is more stimulus money going to be the answer? No one really know for sure. Only guesses, (mostly by talking hairdos that almost never come up with viable solutions). So Sarah and I continue to wake up each day and happily come to work. To continue to find new ways in which to engage our customers. To build our business outside these four wall. To grow. To survive. To thrive. To be self-sustaining. To be grateful.

Last night the streets of Philadelphia were filled with revelers. Folks who were celebrating democracy in action. Regardless of personal political views, we live in an amazing country that allows many different types of people and personalities an opportunity to run the show. Whatever side you fall upon, let's celebrate that. For it is our diversity and the promise of opportunity to all that defines the American experience.

By now most of you have stopped reading, but if you're still here.. thank you. While we would love to shout about what you might buy from us, perhaps this year we could encourage you to make a greater positive impact in the local community. Spend a little less on swag this holiday and donate to those in need. The local food pantries, elder care centers and churches that are doing real work for those most at risk. This year duross & langel will be donating a percentage of our holiday sales to Mama Tee Community Fridge Fundraiser to feed folks who are food insecure. We encourage you to see the good works these folks are doing. If you can help, please reach out to them. If you are in need (as we all may be from time to time), don't hesitate to reach out for assistance. We are all in this life together.