About Us

under one roof we've created the duross & langel brand to reflect our style and craftsmanship. owned and operated by the cabal of friends who find passion in our work, D+L begins in the top floor of our building where the magic begins. using old family recipes and a modern approach to natural formulation, our most inspired products begin in the studio. though the bulk of our manufacturing now resides with local, family run laboratories, we create simplest most natural balms, salves and scrubs on site. here you will find us putting our finishing touches on many of your favorite products, as well as dreaming up the new and wonderful things you inspire for our store. the studio houses a treasure trove of natural extracts, oils and tinctures from which we create new natural scent blends and perfumes. the addition of sarah's herbary to this warm, sunny studio takes us closer to our original goals. down below (above the store) you will find our talented stylists working their particular brand of magic in the salon. our concept is simple. no hype, just great hair. philadelphia's finest stylists and barbers in a workshop environment where professionals can learn and grow while refining their crafts.  but the store... well this is where our adventure began, and we couldn't be more proud of the world we've created. a veritable library of bath and skin care formulated to be as natural as possible without draining your wallet. the vibe is friendly yet laid back. shop or browse at your own pace. we are always happy to answer questions, help you put together a special gift or proudly show you our wares. we five are responsible for what some refer to as the duross & langel lifestyle. to us, it is the reflection of the work we enjoy. we hope you will too.

steve duross

creator and co-founder