in the workshop

you just can't beat a broken drum

when i am hungry - and i walk down the street, i only notice the shops that are selling food. when i am choosing a color scheme and my eye is drawn to a certain shade of paint, i start to spot that shade on other peoples walls and fabrics. at this point in my life, i notice most what inwardly interests me. in this moment, i am interested in becoming more efficient and organized and stable. which is probably why i keep noticing how much is crazy and chaotic. actually, things are a lot better than they might feel. still... things are tricky. a balancing act of sorts. standing center in a flaming three ring circus. if i don't light myself on fire, we will celebrate.   when something like a business expansion begins to click, many people are cued to the idea of financial opportunity. of course ways to improve our financial situation could arise anytime now - roughly translated: means we will have ample opportunity to pay the bills and the taxes. having new avenues of potential growth gives us the possibility of making the most of what we've already accomplished. today someone referred to me as a re-entrepreneur. i laughed (in a really good way) for the speaker understood how we have come around full circle from our little salon with a basement soap kitchen and tiny storefront. hopefully i am developing a keener understanding and insight. not so much in regard to making money, but in seeing how new ideas and perspectives have imbued me with a greater sense of purpose. i can tangibly state that all the old rules can be broken. all the old restrictions can be ignored. all the old reasons why progress was previously not permissible can be seriously reconsidered. the goalposts have been moved. we are playing a different game now - and it is one in which we are far better qualified to excel. so i assume we are finally living into all that we have built together. time will tell. our first duty is to carrying on the legacy of customer service, quality and craftsmanship, opening our new world up to all the people who have inhabited it, and in finding a way to knit tightly together what so many refer to as a lifestyle company. that is, if at first we do not go mad.  
if you can’t beat a broken drum, what must you beat in order to become unbeatable? at the core of team duross & langel - we aspire to be unbeatable. be it virtue or vice, it is one of the defining characteristics we all share. and we own it as if for no other reason than it is the truth, and that it binds us as a team. for those of us who adapt become a part of the densely wound cabal that ascribes to the notion that there is no there there, no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. for us it begins and ends with today. making the best soap or lotion, working in the tightest fade of a haircut, or finding solitude, strength and grace within the walls of the yoga studio. now if only we could all. just. sit. still.   but that is to ponder another day