lavender soap stack
duross & langel

lavender soap stack

makes the best little gift for lavender lovers. each bag contains lavender w/shea butter bits, lavender oat, sandalwood lavender and rosemary lavender soap bars

four sensational, soothing lavender half bars you are sure to love. packaged in polka dot bags with purple satin ribbon, these stacks are the perfect little something for the people who deserve something special.

soap flavors include:

lavendera 40/42 blend of French lavender essential oil in our house soap blend

rosemary lavender - fragrant, uplifting rosemary oils blended with lavender e.o.

sandalwood lavender - sultry, earthy sandalwood make the perfect lavender pairing

lavender oatmeal - rolled and crushed oats brewed into our shea butter soap