Lip Balms and Scrubs

Saturday January 26th - 12:30 to 2PM

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The first in our 2019 workshop series, you will spend a few hours with Steve Duross in his workshop making 100% natural lip balms and scrubs for the store.

The cost of this workshop is $35.00 per person. Participants will take home samples of products made. Space is limited. Please arrive 10 minutes early. Late comers will not be admitted past 12:30. Dress Code: crappy clothes that might get a little trashed!

our day in the workshop begins with connecting to the entire house. salon, store and kitchen, the workshop is a meeting place for ideas and alchemy. this floor to ceiling library of natural ingredients is housed above our salon. a place where it all begins.
formulation is still done in-house though production of many processed items (shampoo, shower gel, moisturizer..) is housed at our family-run FDA approved production lab. we partner with other small makers who excel at their craft to create things like our bath bombs, shower bombs, and other items we do not have the space to produce.
most days you will find D+L creator steve duross in the kitchen. in 2018 we have seen steve back in his element, hands-on with the very ingredients that inspired the entire operation. steve and sarah have partnered with local entrepreneurs doing the most outstanding work in their fields of creativity. restauranteurs, fitness venues and hoteliers who reflect the style and vision of the brand, and want to share the D+L experience with their customers. partnerships are rare for the duo, but they treasure the relationships they have built.
steve and sarah will be launching their new hands-on workshop series in early 2019. what workshops will be available for public and private reservation will be curated according to best fit. steve will tell you that he does not enjoy creating workshops for bachelorette parties and other special occasions because (in his words) “if you’re going to be in my workshop, you’re going to work. i expect people to wear crappy clothes and break a sweat”. so please do not be offended if he is not able to accommodate your party.
like his best friend and business partner sarah, steve is a world traveler who searches the globe for inspiration. when not in the workshop, you can find him busy on the floor of the store or lovingly harassing the salon staff.

Space is always limited. Please arrive 10 minutes early. Late comers will not be admitted past a half hour. No refunds. Dress Code: crappy clothes that might get a little trashed. You might wish to bring and apron!

Expect to sign a waiver for allergies and injuries. duross & langel and their agents reserve the right to refuse service or remove anyone for any disruption or danger to the business or the class.