the workshop

Each D+L morning begins in the workshop above the store. A place where everyone can sit together and begin to decide how any particular day should flow. This formulary for ideas and alchemy is a floor to ceiling library of natural ingredients. The place where it all begins. While formulation is still done in-house, production of many processed items (shampoo, shower gel, some moisturizers) is housed at a local family-run FDA approved production lab. D+L partners with other small makers who excel at their craft to create things like our bath bombs, shower bombs and other items that cannot be produced due to space restrictions.

The robust online business allows duross & langel to still be housed in Center City Philadelphia, and the workshop is where your orders are gathered and packed by Sarah for delivery to your workspace or home. Most days you will find D+L creator Steve Duross in the workshop, in his element, hands-on with the very ingredients that inspired the entire operation. Steve and Sarah have partnered with local entrepreneurs doing the most outstanding work in their fields of creativity. Restauranteurs, fitness venues and hoteliers who reflect the style and vision of the brand, and want to share the D+L experience with their customers. Partnerships are rare for the duo, but they treasure the relationships they have built through these side projects.

Once upon a time Steve offered hands-on workshops, and while this was a lovely time in the story of Duross & Langel, it is no longer feasible for a host of reasons. Understandably, this might be disappointing to some, however the workshop is now a full schedule production facility and can no longer be made available for craft projects and parties. This decision will not change as long as production occurs on 13th Street. We hope everyone will can be graciously understanding. Steve and Sarah recommend the wonderful folks at Candle and Supplies in Quakertown for classes, projects and craft supplies, and Wax + Wine here in Center City for parties.