hotel/restaurant pricing

Hotel/Restaurant Pricing

We often work with local restaurants, hotels, Airbnb and guest houses to offer personal products for guests in a sustainable way. After touring Europe in the summer of 2013, we saw how boutique hotels we using refillable pump bottles to meet the needs of both clients and consumers as it was less wasteful (greener), more cost effective, and could prove to be just as hygienic.

When several major hotel brands recently announced that they would be phasing out smaller (travel sized) toiletry bottles, it was estimated that the yearly amount of non-recyclable plastic hotel industry toiletries dumped into landfills was in excess of 10 million pounds each year.

Here's how our program works:

If you are interested in having duross & langel in your Restaurant, Hotel, Guest House or Airbnb, take a look at the following list of prices and scent options, and then reach out via email: 

please incude your name - online listing - billing address - mobile number

Feel free to include any pertinent questions. Someone will contact you within 48 hours. The turn around is only a few working days, so please allow us time to fulfill your order as we cannot offer you drop by service at the store. Use the green hotel link above and we will send you an online invoice. Orders cannot be filled November 15th to Decmber 31st.

You may choose any scents availble off the shelf (not custom). *price reflects a discount of at least 20% off retail (does not include shipping cost - at discount rate, we cannot offer you free shipping)


12 oz Liquid Hand Soap - $12.50 each (minimum 4 - one aroma)

64 oz Liquid Hand Soap Refill - $52 each (minimum 4 - one aroma)

view hand soap scent options 

12 oz Shower Gel - $16.50 each (minimum 4 - one aroma)

64 oz Shower Gel Refill - $71 each (minimum 4 - one aroma)

view all shower gel scent options

12 oz Shampoo - $18 each (minimum 4 - one aroma)

64 oz Shampoo Refill -$71 each (minimum 4 - one aroma)

view all shampoo scent options

12 oz Conditioner - $20 each (minimum 4 - one aroma)

64 oz Conditioner Refill - $71 each (minimum 4 - one aroma)

view all conditioner scent options

7.5 oz Signature Candle - $21 each (minimum 6 - one aroma)

view all candle scent options

12 oz Moisturizer - $23 each (minimum 4 - one aroma)

view all moisturizer scent options

*we cannot always offer immediate service when you drop by the store, so we are happy to make you a private appointment to personally discuss details or to create a custom option.