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How We Operate - together we have made a conscious choice for our business to operate as it does. Our business plan includes having a balanced, healthy personal life, to continue making cool bath, spa and skincare, and to enjoy a modest income. In that order. We do our best to accomodate everyone but sometimes we fall short. While we value every comment and piece of feedback, we hope you will assume that we are operating from a good place. We always strive to do our best and be a valued part of the community

Social media - most efficient way to affordably disseminate information, new products, special deals and stuff. While we appreciate that not everyone follows social media, you might want to look in on us from time to time to see the deals. Besides, we are loathe to bombard you with marketing emails.

Soap Wrapping - we've begun using a biodegradable eco-friendly glassine paper bag rather than the plastic wrap for soap. For our pre-made gift items that are boxed or in baskets, the soaps are still wrapped in plastic (the original way) to maintain a gifting esthetic. We apologize to anyone who might be disappointed in the presentation of the individual glassine bags
Rewards Program - please sign up online for the rewards program before you make a purchase at the store or online. We value you and your hard earned cash, so the new program allows you to recieve discounts and free goods much faster. You'll get rewards for every dollar you spend, and for signing up you recieve $5.00 credit that can be used for your next purchase

Shopping the Store - You are always welcome to shop at the walk-up window. We are thrilled to see your faces. If you could have the majority of your items in a cart on your phone, or on a list so that one of us can collect while the other answers questions, it moves faster. It also makes it easier for the person behind you on the sidewalk waiting patiently

Last thing.. please feel free to use the chat app in the bottom right hand corner of your screen if you have any questions or concerns


our company began back in 2004, in a tiny store that fronted my salon at 1218 locust street in philadelphia. i had a simple dream. to create a natural spa and skin care line that encompassed all the things I loved most. 

as the company grew, we moved the store to it's current location on 13th Street. my friend sarah mckee joined me as my partner. i often refer to sarah as the "and" in duross & langel. together, we've created the brand to reflect our personal styles. using old family recipes and a modern approach to natural formulation, our most inspired products begin in-house. though the bulk of manufacturing now resides with local, family run laboratories, we still create the simplest 100% natural items on site. up in our production studio, you will find us putting the finishing touches on many of your favorite products, as well as dreaming up the new and wonderful things our customers have inspired. we've expanded to include pure, hand-poured soy wax candles and natural perfumes, and over the years the store has grown into a veritable library of bath, spa and skin care.

we love to say that we were "clean and green before it was cool" but the reality is that everyone must consume less, conserve more for a better planet. our bags and boxes are made from post consumer recycled paper. our newest die cut "plastic" looking bags are actually a compostable corn waste material. as we continue to grow, we are looking for refillable options in low waste containers, so stay turned for what comes next, and please continue to demand better options for a greener world.

we hope you stop by to visit our store. the vibe is friendly yet laid back. we employ an "no sales" sales policy. you may shop, sniff or browse without being hockled. we aspire to be your neighborhood soap shop where everyone is happy to answer questions, help you put together a special gift or proudly show you our wares. our goal is to offer you an amazing experience. duross & langel is simply a reflection of our passion for our products. It has become our lifestyle. we invite you to join us for some good clean fun and become apart of our D+L community.

steve duross

creator and co-founder



though some of us at duross & langel are board certified estheticians, we are not doctors. natural herbs, extracts, ingredients and essential oils are a beautiful things, yet they are natural and therefore may disagree with some people. please always test a small patch before applying essential oils, cremes and masques on your skin. please be careful when choosing which essential oils to apply if you are pregnant, breast feeding, or applying to children. 

our products are not medicine and are not intended to be curative. many of our salves and moisturizers are created to be soothing. as with most natural ingredients, there will always be someone who reacts allergically, and we are not responsible for any reaction to the product ingredients. 

please use caution when using essential oils if you have sensitive skin or for babies. sensitive skin types also may have issues with clay masques (masks) and many applications with retinol, lactic acid, glycol acid, citric acid, alpha hydroxy acid, beta hydroxy acid, dermabrasion cremes and/or marine extracts.

if you should have a reaction, discontinue use immediately and flush with water only. even the most seemingly "natural" brands, like dove, can make the situation worse. let us know how we can help and of course, seek medical help.

always check with your doctor before applying essential oils if you have any health issues, are pregnant or nursing.

all skin types have a PH level of about 5.5 to 6.0 - we've created wide a range of products with this in mind.