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no better way to get kissable lips. this stuff is delicious, edible and makes your pucker as soft as you'll ever desire
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custom flavored lip scrub
duross & langel

custom flavored lip scrub


a sweet vegan exfoliator that buffs away dryness. symmetrical castor sugar crystals are blended with olive oil and jojoba and then custom flavored for your enjoyment. your lips will feel buttery soft and ready for whatever comes next. so pure you can eat it.

use: take a small amount of sugar lip scrub on your finger as pass back and forth across your lips to gently exfoliate. rinse or lick, the final result will be kissable soft. for extra moisture, follow up with duross & langel 100% natural lip balm

now with the option to add hyaluronic acid and/or retinol to your formula as well as natural botanical extract at no extra charge.

*can usually fulfill custom orders within an hour. check for shop hours below

not sure about extracts + fragrance?  click here to view our aroma + ingredient primer for details and descriptions about scent oil blends.

*all custom sales are final

ingredients: pure cane sugar, olive oil, essential oil or flavor oil depending upon your flavor request

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