in the workshop

sustaining our small business in the emerging economy

fact: almost everything cost more these days. as the costs continue to rise, we all feel the squeeze. at duross & langel we are choosing to view both our long and short term future through the lens of sustainability. 

noun: sustainability

  1. the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level. "the sustainability of economic growth"

  2. avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.

while most of our raw materials and packaging, as well as delivery cost continue to rise, we are currently holding the line on retail pricing. why? simple. no one knows how much longer costs will continue to rise, and any knee jerk reaction of raising prices based on the assumption that we deserve to maintain our current profit margin is hubris. sometimes the best way to thrive in an inflationary market is to find a way to cut overhead. if eventually we are forced to raise our prices, it should be measured. sustainably. for now we hold the line.

speaking of cutting overhead.. almost two years ago we announced we would be leaving 13th street the beginning of 2023, looking for a location where we can tuck into a quiet, pretty street in a pleasant neighborhood. the process can be both exhilarating and anxiety producing yet we find the experience worthy of the effort. after all, we are creating the framework for the next ten to twenty years of our lives. our intention is to stay within easy walking distance of 13th street for your convenience.

on a more personal note: my 60th birthday is fast approaching. i've always imagined i would hand make duross & langel until i physically could not. why "retire" when i love coming into the workshop? sure, i love reading and doing nothing, traveling, lying on a beach or spending an afternoon binging netflix, but our team, our brand, offers me a unique purpose. i love the activity, the comaraderie, affection, personal fulfillment and the joy it conveys. please know how much we are all so very grateful for your support, and for the opportunities that your support affords our lives.