Pet Memorial Candle
duross & langel

Pet Memorial Candle

the loss of a pet can be a devastating moment in the life of an animal lover. unlike the loss of a friend or family member, there is often no acknowledgement or closure, and the grief is generally borne without the recognition or sympathy of others.

a few years ago, as we experienced the loss of our own pets, we began making these memorial candles to honor and remember the love that was abruptly absent from our lives. lighting these candles gave us enormous comfort in those first few weeks.

candles come boxed and ribboned. each candle label states it is "in memorium" with the message: "in the end there is only love". you should leave instructions for pet's name in the the box under the cart before checkout so that we may personalize the candle. you may also leave a condolence note if you are sending to a friend.

each 100% natural, all vegetable soy wax candle is made from US farmed crops without using chemicals, petroleum (paraffin) or dyes. our candles are hand poured and blended on site for perfect results every time. this blend of soy wax is unscented. we use soot-free cotton wicks for a clean burn that will last approximately 40 hours. keep wicks trimmed often to last longer