fizzy spa soak with charcoal salts
duross & langel

fizzy spa soak with charcoal salts

our charcoal salt begins as a white chunky sea salt, commonly sourced from the North Sea, and the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. it has been naturally dried in the sun and then blended with charred, ground coconut shells for a naturally detoxifying element. we blend with pure sodium bicarbonate to soften the water and to give it an effervescent fizz.

a luxe tropical escape, our coconut aroma blend leans on woody notes of sandalwood, cedar, and amyris for it's unique profile, and is infused with the essential oils of cedarwood, orange and patchouli. sit back, relax and drift away on a cloud of tropical relaxation

use: dissolve half a cup of soak into reasonably hot running bath. sit. soak until the water cools

one pound sack = multiple baths