custom skincare


for years we've enjoyed creating iconic natural bath and skin care recipes. mixing ingredients, adding extracts and oils, and scenting is a delightfully unique experience. now that we have the time to offer you a custom experience, you can create your own formulations from an array of natural ingredients. choose the scents and essential oils, extract blends, botanicals and finish by naming your creation. the sky is the limit. 

no one knows better than you what your skin craves. what your particular needs might be. with our custom option you may choose from a variety of products including fragrances, essential oils, extracts and botanical blends that will give you a singular skin care experience. first, check out the ingredient primer on the navigation bar to learn a bit about the ingredients you will be using. then peruse the aroma primer in the navigation bar as well. not every oil or fragrance blend is meant to be mixed. while we offer our best suggestions for personalizing your skin care products based on aroma science, we cannot make personal recommendations for blending outside those parameters. * please note that there is a science to blending aroma. we have percentage limits as to how they can be used, and we cannot take requests for either strong or weak blends.

If blending salts, please first read our ingredient primer. link on navigation bar.

shower gel and moisturizer come in a 12oz PET bottle with metered 2CC pump. bubble bath in 12 oz square wide mouth PET bottle. spray lotion in an 8 oz spray bottle. double butter, island butter and sugar scrub in an 8 oz plastic jar. all containers contain at least 35% recycled materials. at this time we cannot deviate from the current packaging

*custom products have a lead time of 3 business days - no custom orders until January 2021

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