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Events that include Workshops, Salon Events and a Behind the Scenes look at what goes on within the duross & langel makers (soaps, candles, perfumes etc). Check out what's happening throughout the house we call duross & langel
Plants, Potions, Poisons and Salves Quick shop
Plants, Potions, Poisons and Salves
duross & langel

Plants, Potions, Poisons and Salves

$ 50.00

Sunday School - October 11th 11AM to 1PM in our Studio Workshop

Join us for a Sunday morning of herbology as we share a few of our favorite recipes and anecdotes about everything from soothing to wicked weeds. we will share our approach to centuries old potions and look at how healing can sometimes become deadly. We will create poultices, pots of hot herbal infusions and whip up a batch or two of healing salve. Attendees will be adding their own scent blend of essential oils to the our famous Rescue Balm (and taking a tin home too), plus creating a special take away poultice mixture with directions for how to use it. This workshop is a fun, informative way to begin learning the basics of herb-lore and creating simple, natural salves. *only 10 slots available


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