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the joy of sleep

as a life long insomniac, i've come to covet the hours i spend in my bed.

my past life contained thousands of long nights when my thoughts raced. wakeful and anxious, i would lie for hours and pray for the sleep that simply would not come. invariably i gave up, went back out to the television and raided the refrigerator. i would comfort myself with whatever i could, often up-ending a bottle of whiskey that would drown me into oblivion. i would awaken groggy and unfocused. the day meant accomplishing nothing. i was cranky, depressed and self-loathing. then i began to look for more constructive natural way to bring on sleep. as time passed it became about the ritual. the rituals i created to prepare myself for the rest to come. baths, teas, tonics, herbs, candles... i even conceived of duross & langel while soaking in a hot, salted tub on a cold winter's night while sipping a hot herbal infusion to soothe my racing mind. as i climbed into bed, my skin toasty warm between the cool sheets, the wind howled like a lullaby outside my window, coaxing me to slumber. it was this kind of simple ritual that taught me how to get ready for bed.

once upon a time... i had to learn how to sleep. to want to wind down and embrace the slumber. it all began with the realization that i would not be missing a thing by sleeping, and that the return of this investment was an endless amount of energy, creativity, productivity and a healthier body. the best me i could be.

i also enjoy lazy mornings. waking, stretching, smiling in the morning light and then falling asleep again. a lazy starfish taking up a position in the middle of the bed, stealing a few more winks. though I know many of you will condemn me for welcoming dogs into my bed, becoming wakeful as two terriers snog me to life is a joyful thing. 4:30am is obnoxious hour, but after a quick walk i get to climb back in and sleep some more. oh blessed sleep. where have you been all my life?

my days are long and full. some people call it stress. i call it life. some of us run on a different energy. i average almost five miles a day on the stairs in our building. just one speed. fast. my life runs full steam ahead because i indulge myself in slumber. one third of my life will have been spent in bed so you might imagine i don't cheap on the linens. or the pillows, mattress or duvet. i may be spoiled but at fifty-four, i do not wake up sore.

Tuesday July 26th 2016 5:30 to 7PM we welcome you to join us in our 3rd floor Studio Workshop for a very special evening. My friend and herbalist Sarah Evancho and I will share the many natural ways you can ease your mind, rest/restore your body, and celebrate the eight most important hours of your day.

he forum is a bit informational, a bit experiential and experimental. we get to show off our new workshop space while we brew infusions, chat about herbs (lavender is always a star in this house), demonstrate ways to prep your body and mind with a few simple yoga poses, all the while whipping up tension taming soaks and soaps. we also want to hear what works for you. singles and couples. all ideas and thoughts are welcome. feel free to drop-in or leave as you need, or hang with us for the entire hour and a half.

it looks to be a wonderful prelude to an awesome night's sleep.