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and why would you make pickle vodka?

it's an obvious question to ask someone who makes soap for a living and hasn't had a drink in over twenty years. but here's the thing. making something you love for money begins to siphon off the creative well from which springs new ideas. as i continue to hand off projects to the people who share my work, my creative reserve begins to fill again, and the newness of an idea catches my delight.

i will admit to never enjoying vodka when i drank. give me a nice brown liquor and watch me get messy.. but vodka? bleh. in the 80's people drank it with cranberry juice or soda. no one had ever even heard of a dirty martini let alone imagined a swedish fish flavored vodka. well, now they do. so tapping the same creative reserve we employ for dreaming up new natural bath and skin care products, we are infusing vodkas with various fresh and apothecary elements that can lead to some interesting culinary developments. since i cannot even imagine what it must taste like, i've enlisted all the people who occupy my daily life to create some magic of their own. everyone has quite specific ideas about what they wish to do. as for me? i'm making pickle vodka and keeping a chilled pitcher of tomato juice at hand. just in case anyone needs a palette cleanser.

if you happen to be around on wednesday march 23 between 6pm and 8pm, please join us for a makers night as sarah and i attempt to create (for the very first time) cold-pressed lemon and saffron infused lollipops while our guests sip a bevy of infused vodkas, conceived and personally infused by all the members of our teams. we don't know what this night will produce but we promise it will be anything but boring. this night is about creativity and fun. we continue to do what we always do only this time we're making it edible.