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delayed gratification

one year ago, on this last day of december 2014, my partners and i took possession of the second and third floor of 119 s 13th street. what is now known as the salon and the studio at duross & langel. coincidentally, it was also the day cory was made full partner. i remember that particular day as full of excitement and promise, hope and joy. 365 days ago. what do any of us really know?

standing a year down the road, i look back and smile. it never ceases to amaze me how everything is a possibility when we have yet to learn our limits, and that even when we have, we change the equation to create new possibilities. our business grows. slow and steady most days. sometimes swinging wildly back and forth, wobbly one moment and then full throttle the next. yet we remain aware that the goal is not about getting ahead of others but to get ahead of ourselves. to break our own records, outstrip yesterday by today, and to create our life's work with all the force we can muster. just when i'm exhausted by the past year, the new year looms ahead larger, and i am once again filled with limitless possibilities.