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a journey of a thousand miles begins with yoga shorts


above my head every day, our wonderful yoga studio fills with lithe bodies who bend, stretch and sweat until they are healthy and glowing. at fifty-three i know enough to know i too should be on that mat. i'm a little lazy and a wee bit ashamed. but it is difficult. and i become tedious when i am completely out of my depth. looking the fool is one thing. feeling it is quite another.

early on in the expansion of the business, i approached sarah about a remedial (my word) beginner's class. here is why: each time i've shown up at a beginners yoga class at one of the studios in and around the city, i always feel as though i am intruding, as if every beginner has been taking the class for two years and i showed up one day after they taught everything you needed to know. i am impatient. i am slow. could we maybe take five minutes and someone explain to me what's going on? though i am pretty pliable, yoga is hard. anyone remotely close to me in a class i've attended has heard me swearing up a blue streak. namaste my ass.

so now i am getting exactly what i requested. there is nowhere for me to hide. no more excuses for not getting in the game. in sarah's words "have you ever wanted to embrace yoga but felt like a fish out of water even in a basics class? if the answer is yes, then we have the perfect class for you. please join me each week as we break down the most commonly practiced yoga poses seen in your average yoga class. a class that provides a space to ask questions, build your strength and confidence and maybe laugh a little too. each week we focus on a different series postures (standing, sitting, balancing, no more the 5-6) so that even if you don't leave feeling like an expert, you will leave feeling informed, lighter and more at ease within a yoga room. all beginners are welcome".

Thursday from 5:30-6:30pm beginning October 8th 2015

balls. now i have to show up.

today i went on to purchase a pair of yoga pants. as if i ever knew such a thing existed :)  it's a brave new world i am about to enter. though my name may be on the door and my best friend created this class with me in mind, i am sure there are many of you who feel like me, and i would love to share this experience together. i invite you to follow along on this blog as i begin what sarah calls "an ever evolving journey". i will share my experiences without varnish. you won't find any posing pictures or head stands. just me bearing my soul as i strengthen my inner and outer core. drop me an email at and i'll get you your first class at half price. i already know you will love the instructor. 

it is a first step. a big one at that. come take it with me. i promise it won't be boring.