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the anatomy of a bad friend

almost anyone who has ever worked retail over the holiday season can regale you with stories of the insanity. hilarity ensues during seemingly endless days while the evening's rush to keep up is but a part of this tale. waking at odd hours from dreams of boxing gifts and wrapping soap is how most of the  D+L staff begins each day. eating heartily and passing out, remembering nothing of how we made it into bed was the ending to every night. unless you live within our circle, you cannot completely comprehend. even those close to us or living with us seemingly miss the point. we are an odd and insular group. we work best as one unit. this is our truth, not an apology, not a complaint. just the facts to explain to our loved ones why during the holidays we make such bad friends.   3 days. that is all it takes for us to sell an average months wares on the run up to christmas. imagine if you were to gather your entire month into 3 days in a row? wake, eat, shower, sleep - just once a day. everything else is 30 days work. now multiply that by 9. so please dear friends and family, forgive us our trespasses, our exhaustion, our impatience. allow us a bit of space, no demands and a few days to recover before we have to begin making everything we sold. stop calling and for the love of god, stop texting us. whatever your deal might be, unless someone is dying, dead or bleeding profusely, we ain't got the time. feel free to contact us the other 11 months of the year. we hope you still love us.