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you can get from here to there but first you have to switch trains

a good deal has been written and discussed regarding the return of our partner james langel. recently Philadelphia Magazine used us as part of their storyline for the February issue. suffice it to say that the little article written (well, i might add), does not tell the whole story. nor should it. openly, publicly, people have peppered me with questions regarding james' return to not only the business, but philadelphia in general. it is really nobody's business.   we have, all of us, a duty to continue operating at the level of quality and customer service while we expand the business and grow the various segments. we welcome james back to help us achieve our goals. it is always a bit bumpy when the dynamic of a group changes. long on work hours and short on patience, we soldier on through these changes that growth can bring. a year from now no one will be asking, but if we seem a bit short fused at the moment, most likely is has to do with the enormity of the project we've undertaken.