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bing. bang. boom.

when you enter the store, it wouldn't be immediately apparent that our world has changed. everything happening comes from above. no, that is not a metaphor for some higher purpose. merely a fact that the store we all love has become the sturdy root to what is quickly becoming a vast system of branches. there are days where it becomes overwhelming but mostly it is a delight. not for the process but for the possibility. as i sit typing on this bitterly cold yet sunny sunday morning, the combination of a steaming cup of african honey bush and knowing how close we are to completion warms me deeply. though the specific details have yet to be given, suffice it to say that within a month all should be settled. a brave new world begins.   as i have stated on this blog many times before, i do not love the process of change. however within the D&L world, i have become change's agent. as much as i enjoy the pace of a settled, ordered life, my inner entrepreneur cannot help but dream bigger dreams and then bing. the lightbulb goes on. bang. stuff gets demolished. boom. everyone's life is in flux as we attempt to resettle newly created ideas into our daily life. again. last january as we all sat by the pool in san juan, i warned my team that life was about to change. "savor every day" i would tell them "it will never be the same again".  dramatic? sure. but truer words were never spoken. the last year was preparation for 2015. the year that lies ahead. we are all up to the challenge and i couldn't be more pleased by the way this team has risen to meet the realities of our ever changing work life.   given the choice between the ordinary and the extraordinary, we choose the latter every time. there is no guarantee of success, but we have pledged ourselves to creating a stronger base to our venture that can secure a better future for us all. sorry to see the second kitchen evaporate, however it has reconstituted itself as it's own entity on the 3rd and 4th floors of 117 s 13th street. elvis hasn't left the building. he's just movin' on up. my salon is a work in progress. choosing to use reclaimed materials slows things a bit. furniture arrives daily and everything is in place for the next step. as for sarah's yoga studio? the simple nothingness of it takes my breath away. you cannot understand what it is until you stand beneath the high curved ceilings and gaze out it's 16 windows that climb from your knees and soar above your head. a temple of glass and parquet that beckons you to bring your mat and uncoil. slowly it begins. haste is not within our vision.    IMG_4233 IMG_4251 IMG_4218IMG_4272IMG_4388IMG_4385IMG_4280     IMG_4328  IMG_4254