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a new day. a new store

this week we were pleased to announce the opening of our new store. although weeks ahead of schedule, there is still much to do and often unpacked boxes liter the sales floor. the kitchen counters should be in this week as well as the cook tops. if all goes according to plan, our first balms workshop at 117 s. 13th will be upstairs in the soap kitchen.

the whole undertaking has been monumentally insane and i hope to stay put for some time. everyone asks if i'm excited...sure, pleased and excited, especially by the new staff additions but i hope to be really excited when the boxes are gone and everything is full and everything has a place and everyone knows what they are doing (myself included) and i can take a long holiday. but it is a wonderful thing that people ask and are excited for us.

we plan to invite the whole world to our grand opening on october 6th, 2007. maybe by then iصll have a better handle on the situation. at least that was my thinking when choosing the date. until then, iصll just day dream about a little hillside cottage on the amalfi coast where i can sun myself all day and sleep for a hundred years.