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you may know what you want but to get what you need, see that you keep what you have

though not one for being superstitious, i do recognize the value of not spitting into the wind. there are moments when james will speak of something yet to materialize that i beg him to hush until we know that something is a done deal. superstitious? perhaps. guarded might be a more apt description.



the move to 13th street is an amazing undertaking for us. it's not the cost or the commitment or the enormous opportunity that awakens me at 4 in the morning. i think it has more to do with possibility and the ability to effect the changes we wish to materialize in our lives. most people ask us if we plan to move into the second floor space @ 117 south 13th. for years we've worked long and hard to build our brand and sacrificed to make all this possible by living in the back of the store for those three years. we gave up (without regret or complaint) vacations, new clothes, dinners out, etc. so that we might one day fulfill our desire to grow and expand our business. now it's time to grow. to spread our wings and really trust the forces that move the universe. so to those who ask if we are moving our home to 13th street, i say, "hell no!"

they say the trick to happiness isn't getting what you want, it's still wanting the thing once you have it. i hope james and i will always look back on these three years and remember them fondly. to me, it was very romantic to have worked hard together as a team and made something very special we can claim as our own. all we really had from the start was our passion and an amex card.



and now we dream about the possibilities for the new store. the new lines we can launch, the new sizes of product, the space to spread out and a soap kitchen all my own. but space aside and money aside and all the grandiosity growth like this might muster, what we bring to 117 s. 13th street is our good intentions. you see, we've gotten what we wanted, and we still want what we've gotten, and we will work hard to see that we keep every last bit of the dream. it's amazing to let go of the superstition and fear and embrace the love and passion and delight in all things from creation to customers. this is what awakens me early each morning ready to fly with abandon into the arms of the day. even on friday the 13th.