in the workshop

june is busting out all over

if you haven't come by lately, then you haven't met our newest soap maker JP. he and i are working on a four new tea soaps for the store. so far we've managed to get one right...a ceylon black indian tea with coconut and vanilla we call thai tea. still trying to get the white pomegranate and acai to develop and we were not pleased with the hibiscus and mango tea. green tea will have to be conquered after the 4th of july since JP is away this week and i've got my hands full with all the new moisturizers coming from the lab.



i cannot believe june is almost over and july has just about begun. remember that we are closed on sunday and monday in july and august (except for workshops and the best of philly kick-off event). before you know it, we will be building walls and painting the new store and i won't have time to produce until we are in the new space.

everybody misses having james in the store. he is loving his job at IKEA (thinks they are the greatest company ever) and wants to grow his career with them. that doesn't mean he won't be around to help out or teach a class, only being at d & l would be a waste of his amazing talents and he would be living a corner of my dream, not his own. we all should be allowed to follow our bliss (but james, you are missed by us all).



so, new places and new faces will be the mantra for the summer of 2007. our best sunday girl val will be working some erratic hours this summer but she will be here making us laugh and loving the puppies as ever. nicole begins working with us in august and will be looking after p-t sales and customer service in the new store. then there is the host of souls who have our backs every day, pulling the little strings from behind the scenes, just willing to help. these are our friends. a key figure in this fall's line-up and the newest face in our posse has yet to appear. we still need a really cool, detail oriented, no b-s but very lovable store manager. and so the search begins...