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and the beat goes on

i must be the luckiest person in the world. every day when i go to work i get to do what i love best. it's pretty awesome. to have people love the products and appreciate the work is indescribable. so okay, i'm not curing cancer or ending genocide in darfur, but james and i are learning to make the world a little better by buying local and using less. less energy to make our bottles, less material in the plastics, less waste, less virgin trees, less bleached paper, less trash... (and as much as i love our bags), i am most tickled when you come in the shop with your own sack so we don't have to use a bag. it creates less waste in the world. and please remember that IKEA takes your used light bulbs and batteries to recycle.



in september, we will be saying good-bye to our shop at 1218 locust and hello to our new store @ 117 south 13th street (next to capogiro). it's very exciting for us and we cannot wait to show you the new place. the second floor will be devoted to all things made by hand. here you can take a class with friends or just stop by to watch a fresh batch of soap being poured. the kitchen allows us to offer more space for classes and some elbow room to create. the first floor has more room and easier access for moms (and dads) with strollers. the soaps will be back on tables and we will be able to launch 2 new lines by october. first, duross & langel essentials, a sulfate-free essential oil scented line of shower gels and moisturizers and the long awaited, tear-free sulfate-free line of body washes, shampoos and conditioners for kids.

so thanks to everyone who keeps making me the luckiest person in the world, and keep the feed-back coming. we love to hear from you.