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bug off

great balm class today. we made the usual lip balms and healing salves, however we added a little something extra with the creation of a bug balm. with summer come the gnats and mosquitos....



deet isn’t a great idea for anyone and the threat of west nile virus is as welcome as a fever blister at a kissing contest. various oil combinations were blended with a stylized version of our usual balm base.



first we had to add less butter and more bees wax to the olive oil base. the heat makes balms softer to begin with and we didn't want the user to feel greasy. workshop participants were creative in the blends with things like lemon eucalyptus, geranium and lemongrass, cedar and cypress. we don’t yet know the success of these formulas, but like most new recipes, only time will tell.

samples are available. first come, first served.

for an insider's view of our workshop, check out the following link: