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greedy bastards

we knew this day would come. how much profit did exxon make last year?



word came down last week that the gas tax on all deliveries has gone up. then we were informed by our bottle manufacturers that the cost of raw materials and production of bottles and jars has increased. our lab is being squeezed as well. all in all, the cost of doing business has increased across the board, and no matter what happens to gasoline prices, i've never known cost of goods to decrease after the rise.

james and i have deliberated all weekend on how best to proceed. we decided we would increase prices where the effect is felt most and try to absorb what we could while not cutting into profit. you'll find some of your favorite products have increased a little in price. most of what we make by hand will stay the same, though the soap will have to increase in price due to the delivery costs of the raw materials.

in my opinion, 2 things killed the philadelphia soap company. inability to sense the needs of the changing market + an operational standard for correcting missteps and moving forward. 2 mistakes i have no intention of repeating. feel free to drop us a line if you have questions or comments.