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city dog

we closed the store for an hour today. i had to say good-bye to my best buddy and the happiest dog i have ever known. the face might be familiar. drifter was the model for our city dog shampoo label. anyone who has ever had a labrador will tell you they are exceptional creatures. this one was amazing. mangy, abused and starving, she was a street drifter and the name just fit. shy and skittish until we spent a few weeks on the beach at the cape, drifter came home a completely different dog. the beach was her joy and i couldn't keep her out of the water, not even in winter. first time i ever heard her bark it was on the beach. the sound was remarkable. like everything within her being rose up and shouted for joy.

i never thought i could love or be loved with such abandon.

today, as i sat beside her awaiting the arrival of our vet, she nuzzled me as always and tried to kiss away my tears. finally, she laid the weight of her whole being in my arms and let go with a quiet breath. i'm going to miss you old girl.